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HMS Shark passing HMS Hood in Malta Harbor

HMS Shark passing HMS Hood in Malta Harbor

HMS Shark was a British Royal Navy submarine that served during World War II. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Construction and Commissioning: HMS Shark was a S-class submarine laid down in 1931 and commissioned in 1935. It was part of the third group of S-class submarines.
  2. Early Service: In the years leading up to World War II, HMS Shark operated in the Mediterranean and was involved in various patrols and exercises. It also participated in the Spanish Civil War, monitoring naval activities.
  3. World War II Service: When World War II broke out in 1939, HMS Shark continued its service in the Mediterranean. It conducted patrols and engaged in anti-submarine warfare.
  4. Loss: On 6 July 1940, HMS Shark was patrolling the Adriatic Sea when it was attacked and sunk by the Italian torpedo boat “Circe.” The submarine’s loss resulted in the deaths of its entire crew.
  5. Crew Fate: All 59 crew members on board HMS Shark perished in the sinking. The circumstances of the attack and the subsequent fate of the crew were not fully known until after the war.
  6. Legacy: The sinking of HMS Shark during the early stages of World War II underscored the dangers faced by submarines in wartime. The loss of the crew was a somber reminder of the perils of naval warfare.

HMS Shark’s service and tragic end contribute to the broader narrative of submarine operations during World War II, reflecting the challenges and risks faced by naval vessels in the conflict.

Photo: HMS Shark passing HMS Hood in Malta Harbor.
Date: unknown.

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