Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

Yes, of course. Whether it’s a model kit or wall art, you will receive exactly the product depicted in the photos.

How does the process of building and painting custom models work?

If you send us a request to build a collectible model, the work process is as follows:

  1. We will contact you by email and tell you in detail about possible options for building and painting the model. In addition, we will make you a price offer and approve the time frame for working on the model.
  2. If the cost of the work suits you, then you make a 50% prepayment for your order, after which our team begins assembling and painting the model.
  3. We undertake to keep you informed of the work process and send intermediate photographs of your future model.
  4. When work on the model is completed, we send you the final photos and wait for the second part of payment for the order.
  5. As soon as the order is fully paid, we send you the model by courier service.
Is it possible to order the assembly of those models that are presented in the ``Portfolio`` section?

Yes, sure. Just write us a message with a request to assemble any model and we will be happy to build another sample just for you!

To which countries do you ship orders?

We ship orders anywhere in the world using reliable and proven delivery services (DHL, Fedex, DPD, UPS and others).

NB! We currently do not ship orders to the Russian Federation and Belarus.