DT-75 tractor | Step by step building of scale model

DT-75 | Step-by-step assembly

We present to you a step-by-step photo report on the construction of a scale model of the soviet tractor DT-75.
Diamond T 969A Wrecker

Diamond T 969A Wrecker

Finished scale model of the US Diamond T 969A Wrecker (hard top cap) in 1:35 scale by Alexander Pedan. Enjoy watching!
Greyhound Silversides Bus | Scale model

Greyhound Silversides Bus

One more awesome finished scale model by Eugene Tur - Greyhound Silversides Bus in 1:35 scale.
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Unimog S 404 | Model kit review

Unimog S 404 by ICM | What’s in the box?

Today we invite you to look into the box with another novelty from ICM - this is a scale model of german military truck Unimog S 404 in 1:35 scale.
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Mercedes-Benz L1500A | Scale Model

Mercedes-Benz L1500A

One more very realistic scale model by Alexander Pedan - german personnel car Mercedes-Benz L1500A in 1:35 scale.
Mk A Whippet | Scale Model

Mk A Whippet

One of my old models is a British MK A Whippet tank captured by the Germans.
Hanomag SS-100 | Scale Model

Hanomag SS-100

Another great model from Alexander Pedan - german heavy tractor Hanomag SS-100 in 1:35 scale.
GAZ-51 Soviet Light Truck

GAZ-51 Soviet Light Truck

Today's guest of our gallery is a scale model of the GAZ-51 truck. The author of the model is Eugene Tur.
Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Recovery Tractor

Scammell Pioneer SV/2S

We present you a 1:35 scale model of a very famous British truck from World War II.
M916 6X6 Light Equipment Tractor

M916 6X6 Light Equipment Tractor

My first attempt at building a model from Minimanfactory. And frankly, I'm disappointed. The amazing quality of parts that almost do not fit with each other - the engine cannot be inserted, the cabin cannot be assembled, where to stick it - is also incomprehensible.
Field handling device FUG 2.5t

Field handling device FUG 2.5t

Nothing foreshadowed the construction of this ugly cuttlefish by me, and I certainly did not want to make it a nondescript green with German identification marks and numbers.
ZiL-131 truck | Finished scale model

ZiL-131 in ukrainian service

We bring to your attention a professionally assembled and painted scale model of the Soviet truck ZIL-131 in Ukrainian service.
SMK-10 Crane Scale Model
We are glad to present you a scale model of the SMK-10 crane assembled and painted by Evgeny Tur (Russia). The manufacturer of the model is Red Iron Models. Scale: 1:35.
Ford T WW1 Ambulance Scale Model

Ford T Ambulance 1917

I would like to bring to your attention another model - Ford T in a medical military version for the period of the First World War.
Stridsvagn M39 and Box of Matches

Stridsvagn M39 Swedish Light Tank

Today in our workshop you can hear the roar of a diesel engine and the clang of tank tracks. We will talk about the test-build of a model of a Swedish light tank STRIDSVAGN M39.
Captured Soviet Tank T-37 | Scale model in 1:35 scale for Collectors

T-37 731(r) Light Tank

Very realistic model of the Soviet WW2 Tank T-37 731(r) in German service  in 1/35 scale. This model will decorate any military collection of tanks in 1:35 scale.
Soviet Firetruck AC-30(53) | Scale model in 1:43 scale for Collectors

AC-30(53) Tanker Fire Engine

Very realistic model of the Soviet Tanker Fire Engine AC-30(53) in 1/43 scale. This bright and recognizable model will decorate any collection of cars in 1:43 scale.
A-34 Comet British Cruiser Tank | Scale model for collectors

A-34 Comet

Very realistic model of the British WW2 cruiser tank A-34 Comet in 1/35 scale. This model was made for a private collection.
Autoblinda AB 41 Italian Armored Car | Scale model for collectors

Autoblinda AB 41

Very realistic model of the Italian WW2 armored car Autoblinda AB 41 in 1/35 scale. This model was made for a private collection and painted by hand.
Road to Salang | Exclusive hand made diorama

Road to Salang Diorama

Very realistic diorama "Road to Salang", depicting the moment of the Soviet-Afghan war. A group of Soviet intelligence officers climbs the mountains to carry out a responsible and secret mission.