I-153 Chaika | Scale Model in 1:48 scale

The last and most perfect in N. N. Polikarpov design bureau production biplane fighters family was the I-153. It had gull-shaped upper wing, retractable chassis and more powerful armament with four ShKAS machine guns. Serial planes had M-62 radial engines, late series – more powerful M-63.

The maiden flight was in August 1938. All in all in 1939-1941 it were made 3437 planes. In summer 1941 I-153 “Chaika” (the “Gull”) was the basis of the Soviet Fighter Aviation with I-16 fighters. I-153 were used in combat until mid 1943.

A very interesting model of a Soviet WW2 biplane fighter, which was made for a customer from Spain.

Model prototype: I-153, 15th IAP (Fighter Regiment), Lithuania, June 1941.

Client Hose J. (Spain)
Modeller Deniss Ignatjev (Estonia)
Materials Plastic
Model dimensions (L X W) 13,5 x 20,8 cm