Unimog S 404 | Model kit review

One of the most famous trucks of the Bundeswehr

Unimog S 404 | German military truck

The first kit of Unimog S from ICM

Today we invite you to look into the box with another novelty from ICM - this is a scale model of german military truck Unimog S 404 in 1:35 scale.

  • Model manufacturer: ICM
  • Cat. nr: 35135
  • Model scale: 1:35
  • Contains: plastic, clear and rubber parts, decals
  • Number of parts: aprox. 250
  • Model dimensions (lenght x height): 143 x 67 mm

Inside the box, we are waiting for several sprues of gray plastic, a sprue with transparent parts, rubber wheels, a decal for four marking options and instructions for assembling the model. The detailing of the model is at a very high level: the engine, chassis and cabin interior are present.

Using the decal from the set, you can build a model in four different marking options:

  1. Bundeswehr, Upper Bavaria, 1970s
  2. German Air Force, 74th Fighter Squadron, Neuburg, 1970s
  3. 5th Artillery Training Regiment, Idar-Obrestein, 1970s
  4. 363rd Tank Battalion, Külsheim, 1980s.

In conclusion of our review, we publish several 3D renders of this model. Enjoy it!


Mercedes-Benz Unimog S 404

The Mercedes-Benz Unimog S military truck was created as a universal vehicle for the needs of the Bundeswehr. It was quite compact, had a wheelbase of 2900 mm and a load capacity of 1,5 tons.

It was in active service for more than 50 years and was used by the army, air force and navy. The total number of Mercedes-Benz Unimog S recieved by the Bundeswehr was 36 638. The standard option was a cargo vehicle, in the body of which it was possible to transport various cargoes or 8 soldiers.

A large number of specialized military vehicles were created on its base: radio stations, mobile workshops, sanitary and fire trucks and even special training vehicles imitating Soviet tanks.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog S 404

  • Production:

    1955 – 1980
  • Transmission:

    6-speed manual with 2 additional reverse gears

So, do you want this model in your collection?

We can build and paint it for you!

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