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Test-Build: Battle of the Marne, 1914 (ICM 35660)

On 7 September 1914, General Gallieni gathered about six hundred taxicabs at Les Invalides in central Paris to carry soldiers to the front at Nanteuil-le-Haudouin, fifty kilometres away. Each taxi carried five soldiers, four in the back and one next to the driver. Only the back lights of the taxis were lit; the drivers were instructed to follow the lights of the taxi ahead. Most of the taxis were demobilised on 8 September but some remained longer to carry the wounded and refugees. The taxis, following city regulations, dutifully ran their meters. The French treasury reimbursed the total fare of 70,012 francs.

The arrival of six thousand soldiers by taxi has traditionally been described as critical in stopping a possible German breakthrough against the 6th Army. However, in 2001, Strachan described the course of the battle without mentioning taxis and in 2009, Herwig called the matter a legend: he wrote that many French soldiers travelled in lorries and all the artillery left Paris by train. The impact on morale was undeniable, the taxis de la Marne were perceived as a manifestation of the union sacrée of the French civilian population and its soldiers at the front, reminiscent of the people in arms who had saved the French Republic Campaign of 1794: a symbol of unity and national solidarity beyond their strategical role in the battle. It was also the first large-scale use of motorised infantry in battle; a Marne taxicab is prominently displayed in the exhibit on the battle at the Musée de l’Armée at Les Invalides in Paris.


Today we publish a test-build review about “Battle of the Marne, 1914” kit by ICM manufacturer. Kit contains details for assembly one model of french Taxi Car, three figures of french infantry and one figure of taxi driver in 1/35 scale.

Test-build process is very nice and have no troubles. Details and their accuracy is very nice.

As You can see on photos below, taxi car have amazing detaling level: engine and driver cabin is accurately reproduced. All figures have very nice quality: poses, faces, ammunition and weapons looks very good!

We highly recommended this kit for all modelers, who like to build a World War I era models and dioramas.

Battle of the Marne, 1914 (ICM 35660)
  • 100%
    Box-art - 100%
  • 92%
    Details quality - 92%
  • 94%
    Assembly Guide quality - 94%
  • 100%
    Impressions after test-build - 100%
  • 70%
    Our recomendations for beginners - 70%
  • 90%
    Our recomendations for professionals - 90%


We highly recommended this kit for all modelers, who like to build a World War I era models and dioramas.

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