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Tanker Fire Engine AC-30(53)

AC-30(53) Tanker Fire Engine by Deniss Ignatjev
AC-30(53) Tanker Fire Engine by Deniss Ignatjev

Tanker Fire Engine AC-30(53)

Scale model of AC-30(53) Soviet Tanker Fire Engine in 1/43 scale.

  • Prototype: AC-30(53), fire department of Yamnovo village, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia, 2001.
  • Model author: Deniss Ignatjev
  • Model manufacturer: AVD Models
  • Scale: 1/43
  • Status: FOR SALE

Tanker Fire Engines on the GAZ-53A chassis were intended for work in the countryside. The AC-30(53A)-106A model, which replaced the AC-30(53A)-106 model in 1970, produced from 1968 to 1970 (instead of the old PN-30KF pump, the novelty received the PN-40U pump), became one of the long-lived champions among Soviet fire fighting equipment. The machine was produced in large quantities for 15 years, with an average annual production of almost 1000 units.


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