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Strange Company’s Adventures. The First Meeting (MasterBox, 1/24 scale)

Ukrainian manufacturer MasterBox announced a new very stunning serie of figures in 1/24 scale. This serie was named “At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s Adventures.”

Strange Company's Adventures. The First Meeting (MasterBox, 1/24 scale)

First four kits show us “The first meeting” of this fantastic characters.

“Wow, I Like it!” (nr. 24031)

Ivet — Android Waitress:

Ivette - Android WaitressArtificially created in the complete likeness of a human female. lvet has the ability of self-learning, but was limited to the functions of a maintenance staff android. However, hackers found a way to bypass the restrictions in her settings which gave her unusual functions.
Such intervention is absolutely illegal and is punishable by the authorities but that isn’t her problem, unless she gets caught. There are unconfirmed rumors that the Government uses the services of hackers to change the functions of harmless robots and androids in their own interests. lvet was once in the hands of such hackers. She has been used as an informer, on numerous occasions by Drag, Head of the Security Service on the Spaceport.


Robie — Robot (Home Assistant Model, heavily modified):

Robie - RobotOriginally designed to be a home assistant, however fate (and some illegal components) changed his life dramatically.
Anton acquired him during one of his illegal military operations on a peripheral planet. Robie suffered quite a lot of damage during a fight between some mercenaries and the colonists and it was necessary to replace his left hand and one of his feet with parts from fighting robot that was blown to bits during the attack.
During this process, Robie changed drastically. His Electronic brain took on some very uncharacteristic tendencies, one of which is he now has a very bizarre sense of humor (something not at all uploaded during his production).


Anton — Space Mercenary:

Anton - Space MercenaryAnton is a true space mercenary, he will take any job that is sent his way. He lives life by his motto: “one day at a time” and his only expectation is to survive.
He would like to make enough money to live his life out in comfort on a small peripheral planet until he dies of old age.
Anton has the skills and professionalism to complete any assignment. He doesn’t give his iob a second thought, and has no idea how difficult some of his iobs are or have been, because “Lady Luck” is always on his side.



“Don’t Even Think About” (nr. 24033)

Jacqueline — Grifter

Jacqueline - GrifterJacqueline is unbelievably beautiful, a master of the art of seduction. Her allure and sense of danger attracts male and female adventurers alike.
She is an expert with all firearms and she demonstrates her art on occasion, winning a bet easily and allowing her to keep undesirable boyfriends at a distance.
Jacqueline uses both her feminine charms and her specific knowledge in the field of psychotropic chemicals to gather information that is useful to her. She acquires secrets easily and then sells them for a profit to her other customers. However, this time, Jacqueline could not even imagine that the theft of the chemical formula from a government official, would lead her into a confrontation with the most powerful, most dangerous and most ruthless organization in the whole Mastered Space.
This particular Special Division of the Galactic Security Service, does not take kindly to people meddling in their affairs.



“Keep moving. Nothing to see here. Everything is under control” (nr. 24034)

Drag — Head of Galactic Security Service (ALMAR Space Station):

Drag - Head of Galactic Security ServiceDrag serves as the Sheriff on board the ALMAR Space Station. Although outstanding in his field, his tendencies to buck the system landed him here at this intermediate space station on the edge of space, that serves as a shelter/way point for refueling and repairs of spaceships doing long distance flights into deep space.
Although the crews of commercial vessels (both merchants and pirates) keep him busy, there are never any problems he can’t handle and he has had it pretty easy. Until one not so wonderful day at the bar.
Anton, Robie (his robot), Jacqueline and Strange Couple from the Underdeveloped Territories appeared at the bar and things will never be the same.


Joker — Owner and Barman:

Joker - Owner and BarmanJoker a creature from the planet “Ug”. He has several names including his family one that humans can’t seem to pronounce. The inhabitants of the station call him either Multi-armed Joe, or the Joker, because of the surprising resemblance he has to this card character.
He works part-time as an informer tor Drag. He is very sociable, very restless and incredibly mobile. Joker has a small iet pack which allows him to serve the clients with unprecedented speed, flying around obstacles in the close confines of his establishment with the agility of a fly.
He knows everything about everyone and can get absolutely everything (for a price). But even he could not imagine that the meeting between Jacqueline and that Strange Couple, in his bar would lead to such catastrophic consequences that his whole previously, orderly and quiet life would be so upset.
His precious bar would be destroyed during a fight between the Government Special Forces and that random group of visitors. He is now on the run persecuted by the Government and every bounty hunter out in space.


“Back off” (nr. 24035)

BungeeBgaIa (Bgala) — Hunter/MarAx Clan Ambassador:

BungeeBgaIa - HunterBgala is a female warrior from the MarAx Clan located in the distant Underdeveloped Territories.
Her favorite hobby is hunting the most dangerous predators, on the most hostile planets. She is known for her unswerving sense of honor and duty.
Her severe conditions growing up, have formed her into a cruel and inflexible fighter. She is the first person the head of the MarAx clan calls on when there is a difficult assignment and he knows she will follow his orders unquestioningly.
The Clan sent her to meet with Jacqueline and acquire the information they seek (a secret formula that was stolen from an off world Government Official). When she met with Jacqueline at the bar on the ALMAR Space Station, they were attacked immediately by the Special Mission Unit of the Galactic Security Service.
If not for Boomer, they would have been defeated. Bgala also returned fire, causing chaos in the bar and a fight ensued, that forced the rest the visitors of the bar to also fight, destroying the bar and joining our group together if, for no other purpose than to survive.


Boomer — Fighfing Robot Model # B 1-6-39:

Strange Company's Adventures. The First Meeting (MasterBox, 1/24 scale)Since working with Bgala, they also have earned the nickname B & B because they work so well together. They think and act as one, this is one of the reasons that they survived the attack in the bat on ALMAR Space Station.
He was created exclusively as a fighting model but has received numerous up-grades that make him far superior to any other lighting robot in production. He has evolved and has his own intelligence, which allows him to perform tasks independent of his mission parameters.
Boomer is programmed to unconditionally follow Bgala’s orders, but he has also become fond of her and will not allow anyone or anything to harm her.
He would gladly give up his own life to save her. He is constantly scanning every known channel and bio scans of humans and other life forms in search of potential threats for Bgala. Therefore, anyone who wants to address or communicate with Bgala needs to use extreme caution, as Boomer can and will attack without warning, if he feels that Bgala or the B & B team is threatened.


Wow! I think this fantasy serie will be very hot & popular among modellers, who like sci-fi figures in 1/24 scale! Many thanks to MasterBox team!

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