Of course, the assembled collectible model is a very fragile and valuable item!

Therefore, we pay special attention to the packaging of goods. It is important that the model reaches the recipient intact and without damage.

So we have developed special and secure packaging for our models:

  • we pack the model in a dense layer of soft foam rubber (this protects the model from inevitable shaking on the way);
  • then the foam rubber is protected by a mega-strong layer of cardboard 1 cm thick (this prevents the model from possible mechanical damage during shipment);
  • a strong box is wrapped with several layers of black film (this protects the parcel from moisture penetration and getting wet);
  • special stickers are applied to the box with the inscription "Caution! Fragile!" (please note that when shipping models to the USA and Canada, the post office of these countries does not allow the use of such stickers);
  • when sending a parcel to a client, we always try to insure the parcel exactly for the amount that was paid by the client during the transaction (please note that the US and Canada Post does not accept insurance premiums for the parcel).