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Review: Wow, I Like It! (Master Box 24031)

And a final part review about “Strange Company Adventures”: Ivet, Anton & Robie figures from “Wow, I Like It!” kit. This sci-fi figures made in 1/24 scale by ukrainian manufacturer Master Box.

Ivet — Android Waitress:

Ivette - Android WaitressArtificially created in the complete likeness of a human female. lvet has the ability of self-learning, but was limited to the functions of a maintenance staff android. However, hackers found a way to bypass the restrictions in her settings which gave her unusual functions.
Such intervention is absolutely illegal and is punishable by the authorities but that isn’t her problem, unless she gets caught. There are unconfirmed rumors that the Government uses the services of hackers to change the functions of harmless robots and androids in their own interests. lvet was once in the hands of such hackers. She has been used as an informer, on numerous occasions by Drag, Head of the Security Service on the Spaceport.

Robie — Robot (Home Assistant Model, heavily modified):

Robie - RobotOriginally designed to be a home assistant, however fate (and some illegal components) changed his life dramatically.
Anton acquired him during one of his illegal military operations on a peripheral planet. Robie suffered quite a lot of damage during a fight between some mercenaries and the colonists and it was necessary to replace his left hand and one of his feet with parts from fighting robot that was blown to bits during the attack.
During this process, Robie changed drastically. His Electronic brain took on some very uncharacteristic tendencies, one of which is he now has a very bizarre sense of humor (something not at all uploaded during his production).

Anton — Space Mercenary:

Anton - Space MercenaryAnton is a true space mercenary, he will take any job that is sent his way. He lives life by his motto: “one day at a time” and his only expectation is to survive.
He would like to make enough money to live his life out in comfort on a small peripheral planet until he dies of old age.
Anton has the skills and professionalism to complete any assignment. He doesn’t give his iob a second thought, and has no idea how difficult some of his iobs are or have been, because “Lady Luck” is always on his side.


Box-art is really amazing and full of humour! I think it’s best kit from this serie. I like it so much!

Kit contains one gray sprue with 35 details for assembly three figures: Anton, Robie and Ivet.

Details are very good quality, but there are some molding seams on details (need spend some time for remove it).

Building process is very easy and pleasant. After build process it’s time to paint this figures – the most difficult and interesting stage in figure modelling. I recommend to use acrylic paints (Vallejo, AK Interactive, Ammo by Mig Jimenez) to paint this figure.

This kit is the part of the general composition consisting of four kits (reviews and test-build about this kits is coming soon – please, stay with us!). The modeller can decide at own discretion whether to use all four kits or to use any combination.

I recommend this kit for all modellers, who like sci-fi thematic. I think, it’s very perspective and interesting figure serie in 1/24 scale by Master Box.

If You like build scale models too, please visit our online-shop with lot of scale models, figures and 3D puzzles. rating
  • 100%
    Box-art - 100%
  • 91%
    Details quality - 91%
  • 90%
    Assembly Guide quality - 90%
  • 100%
    Impressions after test-build - 100%
  • 100%
    Idea and our recomendation - 100%
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