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German Military Symbols Vol. 1 | Book by Igor Donchik

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🛒 Great news! Pre-orders are now open for the book "German Tactical Symbols Vol 1"!📦

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  1.  🗓️ Book dispatch will commence no later than June 20th 2024.
  2. 📞 Please, when placing an pre-order, indicate your phone number in international format: +country code_phone number.
  3. ⚠️ Attention! After the pre-order period ends, the price of the book will increase!

Triple Combo “Panzer Camouflage Vol.1 + Vol.2 + German Military Symbols Vol.1”

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Get an outstanding triple combo: + Panzer Camouflage Vol.1 book + Panzer Camouflage Vol.2 book + German Military Symbols Vol.1 book

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