Mercedes-Benz L1500A | Scale Model

Wehrmacht's workhorse

Mercedes-Benz L1500A

Finished scale model by Alexander Pedan

One more very realistic scale model by Alexander Pedan - german personnel car Mercedes-Benz L1500A in 1:35 scale.

Model by MiniArt manufacturer + resin equipment by Black Dog Models.

Enjoy watching!

  • Model manufacturer: MiniArt + BlackDog
  • Model scale: 1:35
  • Model dimensions (lenght x height): 14.1 x 6.3 cm
  • Model author: Alexander Pedan

Mercedes-Benz L1500A | Kfz-70

Mercedes-Benz L1500A 4×4 and Mercedes-Benz L1500S 4×2 trucks were developed by Mercedes-Benz Company in 1941.

The vehicle was classified same as Steyr 1500A and Horch Typ. The basic type of body became Kfz.70, designed for transporting of 7 person including driver. For bad weather condition the body was equipped with retractable top and canvas panel, which could be settled on doors and sides. Trucks Mercedes-Benz L1500A with Kfz. 70 were widely used, frequently trucks were as heavy staff cars.

Also different bodies were based on L1500A and L1500S chassis, particularly fire trucks, radio cars and ambulances were produced on the L1500A and L1500S bases. More often for radio cars and ambulances were used 4×2 chassis.

L1500A trucks were produced from June of 1941 till July 1943, were produced 4900 trucks. Production of L1500S started same in June of 1941, but was continued till July of 1944 and were produced 4100 trucks.

Some facts about Mercedes-Benz L1500A

  • Production years:

  • Quantity:

  • Crew:

    2 + 7 passengers

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